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Indiansk horoskop

Indiansk Horoskop

Goose 22 December - 19 January.
Otter 20 January - 18 February.
Wolf 19 February - 20 March
Falcon 21 March - 19 April.
Beaver 20 April - 20 May.
Deer 21 May - 20 June.
Woodpecker 21 June - 21 July.
Salmon 22 July - 22 August.
Brown Bear 22 August - 21 September.
Crow 22 September - 22 October.
Snake 23 October - 22 November.
Owl 23 November - 21 December.

Birthdates 22 December - 19 January.
Earth influence The Renewal Time.
Influencing Wind The North Winds.
Totem Buffalo.
Direction North-north-west.
Predominant element Earth. with Air
Elemental clan Turtle (Earth) Clan.
Function Preparing the ground.
Birth and animal totem Goose.
Plant totem Bramble.
Mineral totem Peridot.
Polarity totem Woodpecker.
Affinity colour White.
Musical vibration D sharp - an octave above Beavers.
Personality Self-demanding, Reliable, Prudent, Austere.
Feelings Self-centered.
Intention Trust.
Nature Severe.
Positive Traits Ambitious, Determined, Persevering.
Negative traits Rigid, Pessimistic, Demanding, Selfish.
Sex-drive Sensual and long-lasting.
Compatibilities Beavers, Brown Bears and Crows.
Conscious aim Conservation.
Subconscious desire Integrity.
Life-path Adaptation.
Must cultivate Sociability, Effective self-expression.
Must avoid Self-doubt, Pessimism.
Starting totems Goose, Buffalo, Turtle, Bramble, Peridot, Woodpecker.

Birthdates 20 January - 18 February.
Earth influence The Cleansing Time.
Influencing Wind The North Winds.
Totem Buffalo.
Direction North.
Predominant element Air.
Elemental clan Butterfly (Air) Clan.
Function to carry through.
Birth and animal totem Otter.
Plant totem Fern.
Mineral totem Turquoise.
Polarity totem Salmon.
Affinity colour Silver.
Musical vibration E Natural - An octave above Deer.
Personality Friendly, Unconventional, Independent, Dynamic.
Feelings Detached.
Intention Imagination.
Nature Humanitarian.
Positive Traits Inventive, Reforming, Perceptive.
Negative traits Unpredictable, Rebellious, tactless, Eccentric.
Sex-drive Hot and Cold.
Compatibilities Crows, Falcons, and Deer.
Conscious aim Knowledge.
Subconscious desire Wisdom.
Life-path Creative strength.
Must cultivate Inventiveness, Tolerance, Courage.
Must avoid Rebelliousness, Eccentricity.
Starting totems Otter, Buffalo, Butterfly, Fern, Turquoise, Salmon.

Birthdates 19 February - 20 March
Earth influence The Blustery Winds Time.
Influencing Wind The North Winds.
Totem Buffalo.
Direction North-north-east.
Predominant element Water with Air
Elemental clan Frog (Water) Clan.
Birth and animal totem Wolf.
Plant totem Plaintain.
Mineral totem Jade.
Polarity totem Brown bear.
Affinity colour Blue/green.
Musical vibration F sharp - an octave above Salmon.
Personality Compassionate, Benevolent, Generous, Artistic, Gentle.
Feelings Deep.
Intention Understanding.
Nature Trusting.
Positive Traits Sympathetic, Adaptable, Impressionable, Sensitive.
Negative traits Impracticale, Vague, Timid, Indecisive.
Sex-drive Tender.
Compatibilities Woodpeckers, Brown Bears and Snakes.
Conscious aim Freedom.
Subconscious desire Identity.
Life-path Love.
Must cultivate Intuition, Creativity. Understanding.
Must avoid Timidity, Indolence, Impracticality.
Starting totems Wolf, Buffalo, Frog, Plantain, Jade, Brown bear.

Birthdates 21 March - 19 April.
Earth influence The Awakening Time.
Influencing Wind The East Winds.
Totem Eagle.
Direction North-east.
Predominant element Fire.
Elemental clan Hawk (Fire) Clan.
Function to initiate.
Birth and animal totem Falcon.
Plant totem Dandelion.
Mineral totem Opal.
Polarity totem Crow.
Affinity colour Yellow/green.
Musical vibration C sharp.
Personality Active, Forceful, Impetuous.
Feelings Quickly aroused.
Intention Activity - new beginnings.
Nature Impulsive.
Positive Traits Enterprising, Pioneering, Adventurous, Affable.
Negative traits Selfish, Egotistical, Impatient, Ostentatious.
Sex-drive Easily aroused, Quick, fiery, and passionate.
Compatibilities Salmon and Owls.
Conscious aim To initiate and lead.
Subconscious desire Knowledge through discernment.
Must cultivate Patience, Persistence, compassion.
Must avoid Vanity, Conceit, Intolerance.
Starting totems Falcon, Eagle, Hawk, Dandelion, Opal, Crow.

Birthdates 20 April - 20 May.
Earth influence The Growing Time.
Influencing Wind The East Winds.
Totem Eagle.
Direction East.
Predominant element Earth with Fire.
Elemental clan Turtle (Earth) Clan.
Function to consolidate.
Birth and animal totem Beaver.
Plant totem Wild Clover.
Mineral totem Jasper bloodstone.
Polarity totem Snake.
Affinity colour Yellow.
Musical vibration D sharp.
Personality Determined, Resourceful, Opinionated, Methodical.
Feelings Highly strung.
Intention Industrious.
Nature Possession.
Positive Traits Strong willed, Businesslike, Presistent.
Negative traits Possessive, Self - indulgent, Inflexible.
Sex-drive Demanding.
Compatibilities Woodpeckers, Brown Bears and Geese.
Conscious aim Security through possession.
Subconscious desire Freedom from attachments.
Must cultivate Adaptability, Enterprise, Compassion.
Must avoid Possessiveness, Inflexibility, Stubborness.
Starting totems Beaver, Eagle, Turtle, Wild clover, Jasper bloodstone, Snake.

Birthdates 21 May - 20 June.
Earth influence The Flowering Time.
Influencing Wind The East Winds.
Totem Eagle.
Direction South - east.
Predominant element Air with Fire.
Elemental clan Butterfly (Air) Clan.
Birth and animal totem Deer.
Plant totem Mullein.
Mineral totem Agate.
Polarity totem Owl.
Affinity colour Orange.
Musical vibration E natural.
Personality Quick, Alert, Talkative, Congenial, Moody.
Feelings Sensitive but superficial.
Intention Versatility.
Nature Lively.
Positive Traits Friendly, Witty, Intellectual.
Negative traits Inconsistent, Restless, Lazy, Despondent.
Sex-drive Titillating.
Compatibilities Crows and Otters.
Conscious aim To bring together.
Subconscious desire Master of the mind.
Life - path Co - ordination.
Must cultivate Concentration, persistence, Sympathy.
Must avoid Moodiness, Inconsistency, Superficiality.
Starting totems Deer, Eagle, Butterfly, Mullein, Agate, Owl.

Birthdates 21 June - 21 July.
Earth influence The Long Days Time.
Influencing Wind The South Winds.
Totem Mouse.
Direction South-south-east.
Predominant element Water.
Elemental clan Frog (Water) Clan.
Function to merge.
Birth and animal totem Woodpecker.
Plant totem Wild rose.
Mineral totem Rose quartz.
Polarity totem Goose.
Affinity colour Rose.
Musical vibration F natural.
Personality Emotional,Sensitive, Protective,Vulnerable.
Feelings Maternal/Paternal, Romantic.
Intention Devotion.
Nature Exacting.
Positive Traits Imaginative, Tender, Thrifty, Sympathetic.
Negative traits Possessive, Moody, Unforgiving.
Sex-drive Needful.
Compatibilities Snakes, Wolves and Beavers.
Conscious aim Emotional unfoldment.
Subconscious desire Timeliness.
Life-path Assimilation.
Must cultivate Intuitiveness, Resourcefulness, Forgiveness..
Must avoid Self-pity, Envy, Possessivness.
Starting totems Woodpecker, Mouse, Frog, Wild rose, Rose quartz,

Birthdates 22 July - 22 August.
Earth influence The Ripening Time.
Influencing Wind The South Winds.
Totem Mouse.
Direction South.
Predominant element Fire and Water.
Elemental clan Hawk (Fire) Clan.
Function To Do.
Birth and animal totem Salmon.
Plant totem Raspberry.
Mineral totem Carnelian.
Polarity totem Otter.
Affinity colour Red.
Musical vibration F sharp.
Personality Proud, Energetic, Confident, Enthusiastic.
Feelings Passionate, Intense.
Intention Rulership.
Nature Demanding.
Positive Traits Generous, Magnanimous, Creative.
Negative traits Domineering, Arrogant, Dogmatic, Intolerant.
Sex-drive Insatiable.
Compatibilities Owls and Falcons.
Conscious aim To Rule.
Subconscious desire Emotional stability.
Life-path To find purpose.
Must cultivate Tolerance, Sound judgement, Emotional stability.
Must avoid Arrogance, Egotism, Pomposity, Indolence.
Starting totems Salmon, Mouse, Hawk, Raspberry, Carnelian, Otter.

Brown Bear
Birthdates 22 August - 21 September.
Earth influence The Harvesting Time.
Influencing Wind The South Winds.
Totem Mouse.
Direction South-south-west.
Predominant element Earth with Water.
Elemental clan Turtle (Earth) Clan.
Function To modify.
Birth and animal totem Brown Bear.
Plant totem Violets.
Mineral totem Topaz.
Polarity totem Wolf.
Affinity colour Brown and violet.
Musical vibration G natural.
Personality Industrious, Unassuming, Practial, Fastidious.
Feelings warm, Analytical.
Intention Practicality.
Nature Considerate.
Positive Traits Modest, Discriminating, Meticulous.
Negative traits Fault-finding, Finicky, Hypocritical, Fussy.
Sex-drive Moralistic.
Compatibilities Geese and Beavers.
Conscious aim Sifting and striving.
Subconscious desire Perfecting.
Life-path Discrimination.
Must cultivate Optimism, Tolerance.
Must avoid Scepticism, Fault-finding, Procrastination.
Starting totems Brown Bear, Mouse, Turtle, Violet, Topaz, Wolf.

Birthdates 22 September - 22 October.
Earth influence The Falling Leaves Time.
Influencing Wind The West Winds.
Totem Grizzly Bear.
Direction South-west.
Predominant element Air with Earth.
Elemental clan Butterfly (Air) Clan.
Function Initiating ideas.
Birth and animal totem Crow.
Plant totem Ivy.
Mineral totem Azurite.
Polarity totem Falcon.
Affinity colour Blue.
Musical vibration A natural.
Personality Charming, Friendly, Good-natured, Tolerant.
Feelings Sensitive.
Intention Justice.
Nature Co-operative.
Positive Traits Idealistic, Romantic, Diplomatic.
Negative traits Indecisive, Frivolous, Gullible, Resentful.
Sex-drive Strong.
Compatibilities Otter and Deer.
Conscious aim Partnership.
Subconscious desire Harmony and beauty.
Life-path Harmonisation.
Must cultivate Decisiveness, Constancy, Impartiality, Inspiration.
Must avoid Indecision, Uncertainty, Inconsistency.
Starting totems Crow, Grizzly bear, Butterfly, Ivy, Azurite, Falcon.

Birthdates 23 October - 22 November.
Earth influence The Frost Time.
Influencing Wind The West Winds.
Totem Grizzly bear.
Direction West.
Predominant element water with Earth.
Elemental clan Frog (Water) Clan.
Function mental involvement.
Birth and animal totem Snake.
Plant totem Thistle.
Mineral totem Amethyst.
Polarity totem Beaver.
Affinity colour Violet.
Musical vibration B natural.
Personality Intense, Impulsive, Ambitious, Determined, Mysterious.
Feelings Hidden.
Intention Introspection.
Nature Inquiring.
Positive Traits Purposeful, Discerning, Imaginative.
Negative traits Resentful, Stubborn, Secretive, Suspicious.
Sex-drive Intense.
Compatibilities Woodpeckers and Wolves.
Conscious aim Satisfaction.
Subconscious desire Spiritual union.
Life-path Spiritual union.
Must cultivate Determination, Adaptability, Creativity.
Must avoid Egotism, Arrogrance, Envy, Despondency.
Starting totems Snake, Grizzly bear, Frog, Thistle, Amethyst, Beaver.

Birthdates 23 November - 21 December.
Earth influence The Long Nights Time.
Influencing Wind The West Winds.
Totem Grizzly bear.
Direction North-west.
Predominant element Fire and Earth.
Elemental clan Hawk (Fire) Clan.
Function changing things.
Birth and animal totem Owl.
Plant totem Mistletoe.
Mineral totem Obsidian.
Polarity totem Deer.
Affinity colour Gold.
Musical vibration C sharp.
Personality Jovial, Warm-hearted, Adventurous, Independent.
Feelings Warm.
Intention Objectivity.
Nature Sincere.
Positive Traits Versatile, Adaptable, Scrupulous.
Negative traits Restless, Tactless, Boisterous.
Sex-drive Adenturous.
Compatibilities Falcons and Salmon.
Conscious aim Understanding.
Subconscious desire Determination.
Life-path Elevation.
Must cultivate Concentration, Optimism, Enthusiasm.
Must avoid Over-Indulgence, Exaggeration, Greed.
Starting totems Owl, Grizzly bear, Hawk, Mistletoe, Obsidian, Deer.

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